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In Progress: A Peer Workshopping Group for Audio Storytellers

Welcome to In Progress: Denver's peer workshopping group for audio storytellers!

Join us at House of Pod, at 2565 Curtis from 7:00 to 8:30 pm on the the 3rd Tuesday of every month to share your work, give and receive constructive feedback, form peer relationships and perhaps even find your next collaborator.

We do Deep Dive reviews and Lightening Rounds. Deep Dives are reviews of projects presented by group members. Audio projects and related work in any stage of development, from concept to script to audio recordings are welcome.

If you'd like to share your work for a Deep Dive review, email the group's host, Rae Solomon, at, to reserve a time.

During Lightning Rounds, anybody can throw out a concept that's been marinating, a particular problem they've encountered, a question about the medium, whatever, for a rapid 5-10 minute group discussion.

The group is hosted by independent producer Rae Solomon. You can reach out her with questions at

You can join the all-new Google Group here:!forum/in-progress-denver