The Five Points/Curtis Park Oral Histories Project

In collaboration with the Curtis Park Neighbors, House of Pod is recording conversations with longtime residents of Mestizo-Curtis Park, a historic enclave within Five Points. The interviews are conducted by our neighbor and friend Julie Rubsam and facilitated by House of Pod volunteers and residents. 

We hope you enjoy listening to stories of an iconic Denver neighborhood that has experienced tremendous changes in the 20th and 21st centuries - from redlining to historic preservation to urban renewal. We feel fortunate to have learned from folks who have understood Denver's growth and change over a long period of time. 

Many thanks to all of the storytellers and facilitators who have participated in this project: Julie Rubsam, Lynne Brown, Hugh Brown, Josie Cosio, John Hayden, Sue Glassmacher, Jim Jamsay, Maggie Jamsay, Michael Ritchie, Marco Rodriguez,  Charleszine Terry Nelson, Wellington Webb, Bill West, Cat Jaffee, Josh Mattison, Arielle Milkman, Rae Solomon, Blake Benton, Lucy Soucek, and Vanessa Valerio.

If you are interested in participating in this project, either by telling your story or facilitating an interview, please contact us at

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