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The Podcasting Partnership at Denver School of the Arts

April/May 2018, House of Pod taught 12 podcasting courses over six weeks at the Denver School of the Arts to a creative writing course. Below are several of the pieces released with the student's permission (more are on the way, and some were even submitted to the New York Time's spring 2018 student podcasting competition. We are beyond proud of the 16 Junior and Senior students who elected to take this course, and delighted to share some of their stories and photos. A big thank you to our partners, Moss Kaplan and Azar Kohzadi from Denver School of the Arts and, co-instructor Jamie Billings from The Void podcast.

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From podcasting 101 classes and member events, to specialized workshops and happy hours, House of Pod brings together the local podcasting community around great stories and cool activities. We do ask that you RSVP so we can account for who's in the space and give you tips on where to park.

Bring a class to your community

House of Pod teaches custom audio workshops in the community. We've completed a 12-course six-week module at the Denver School of Arts (DSA), and we're planning on teaching in senior centers, summer camps, Denver schools, and under-represented communities in media. If you'd like to bring our curriculum to your community, write us!

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House of Pod offers a few free membership spots every few months to radio producers and podcasters from underrepresented communities in media who have a project they would like to pursue, along with something they are excited to teach.