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Podcast "Book Club" Meetup: Purplish!

This month we're listening to Purplish, a new podcast about Colorado politics from Colorado Public Radio. "Each episode tells a story about how our state government works and where it might be headed next," according to the NPR website's listing for the show.

As a special treat for us this time, Purplish host Sam Brasch will be joining us!

It looks to me like a weekly show leading up to the election in November, so there'll be four or five episodes out by the time we meet. That's manageable, right?

Possible discussion questions: Would you have paid any attention to the election if it weren't for this podcast? Does this format make sense for local politics? Would you tune in if they kept making it after the election? Why are national politics so endlessly fascinating and local politics so impenetrably dull? Is that discrepancy a problem?

Find the show on Apple Podcasts:


...and the NPR website:

House of Pod will provide light refreshments on a donation basis.