After working with 100+ aspiring podcasters in our first year, we discovered that many people were learning what they needed to learn, but they still hadn’t gotten their idea off the ground. This is why we designed our flagship offering: LaunchPod .

This is an eight-week one-on-one educational program, and it includes a first episode guarantee. That means  a that if you follow along, we guarantee that you will be ready for lift off when the time is right.

We only recommend this program for podcasters serious about making their dream show a reality.


  • Concept Development + Equipment consultation

  • Script-writing & Interview training

  • Audio Editing training

  • Branding/Promotion training

  • Production scheduling training

  • Hosting & RSS management training

  • 2 months membership to House of Pod


This package is educational. We will teach you what you need to know, and get you on track to launch. Should you want us to DO services for you, we can pull together a quote for you based on your needs.

Contact us for more information.

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