The Studio

Our state-of-the-art podcasting studio is treated with wall-to-wall insulation, sound proofing, and a custom design most conducive to capturing group conversations and interviews. The studio is equipped with four SMB directional Shure microphones, an audio engineering room for production support, wide screens for video conferencing, and remote recording capabilities for phone and VoIP interviews.


The Main Room

House of Pod’s main room is an co-working space, meeting room, events space, and classroom. Members often meet here with guests before entering the studio. The space includes our kitchenette, bathroom, and conference table, and rest area.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is House of Pod’s quiet space for personal conversations, conferences, and silent work. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving this space for private use, such as classes or special programming related to the studio. The Blue Room is connected to our studio.