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Welcome to House of Pod, Colorado’s first podcast incubation hub. We’re your one-stop shop for launching a world-class podcast and connecting with a global podcast community.


Who We Are


We are experienced producers, podcast junkies, writers, and audio engineers. Since opening in 2017, we’ve amassed a community of 750+ podcasters and listeners, we’ve helped launch 20+ new shows, we’ve kicked off dedicated podcast training programs to increase representation in the podcasting landscape, and we’ve sustained a regular community of 30+ podcasters in our studio.

We’re here to help you produce your show, connect with other creators through classes and workshops, and level-up your content. While shared podcast studios are becoming more and more common, we remain unique because we are an active and passionate production company collaborating with leading names in radio and making things — every single day. We can’t wait to show you the ropes.

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At House of Pod, we provide services for every kind of podcaster. From free weekly events and field recordings to affordable studio memberships and full-fledged productions, we look forward to helping you start, elevating your podcast to the next level, or producing your dream show.


Record in our professional studio.


Attend an event or class.


Partner with us to produce a show.



We’ve had the honor of working with a number of incredible partners, from recording their shows in our studio and capturing interviews for their programs in the field to featuring their leaders in our classes and producing pieces for them.

We love making things, and we can’t wait to make something for you. Contact us here to set up an appointment or read some testimonials from our partners to hear what it’s like to work with us.