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House of Pod assists organizations and individuals in telling stories with podcasts.


A podcast is an audio file, often available for download or streaming as part of a series. Podcasts offer news, insights, information, and entertainment through any combination of layered narration, talking, sound, music, and well placed pauses. They can be 30 seconds, they can be 30 hours, and they can be about almost anything.

House of Pod (HOP) is an organization that helps individuals and institutions produce stories as podcasts. Example upcoming projects include assisting a high school study abroad program in designing a podcasting curriculum, or working with a social justice organization to produce a short series on immigrant experiences. 

HOP is also in the gradual but incredibly interesting process of building a physical space in Denver, CO that will be an audio center and story bar.

  • The audio center will include a podcasting studio, equipment rentals, classes an audio/podcast production, and practice space for storytellers and performers.
  • The story bar will be a coffee shop and bar that offers live-streamed story-based entertainment several nights a week, as well as an interactive story space for working, collaborating, connecting with and listening to others.

Do you or your organization have a unique story to tell? Get in touch today to learn how House of Pod can help you produce a podcast or short audio series.

Listen to Hear's the Deal

Hear's the Deal is a podcast about learning how to produce podcasts and starting House of Pod. 

Ep1: Welcome to the Bucket is about a 24-hour radio race in the Grand Tetons, sex in sleeping bags, and the most dangerous airport in the world. 

Why Podcasting?

Film and radio were born barely ten years apart (1888 and 1878 respectively). Yet while film is ubiquitous, from YouTube to Facebook to Times Square advertisements and big screen TVs, radio is undergoing a renaissance. According to WNYC, the average commute time in the US is 25 minutes, and ever-increasing. In contrast to film, podcasting can move with listeners as they commute, garden, or work; it positions listeners as a co-author; and it helps make down-time educational or entertaining. For these reasons and more, audio has become a choice medium for curious minds going places and doing things.  

As the podcasting market grows, and programs innovate beyond radio show formulas into personal narratives, fictiononal crime dramas, science-scapes, and documentaries - there is an emerging opportunity for organizations and individuals to connect with communities of listeners through original audio stories. Nielson Insights report that 93% of millennials (that coveted and elusive 18-35 year-old demographic) listen to the radio every week, with 37% listening to one or more podcasts.

If you're interesting in producing podcasts, now's a great time. Write a note and let's make great radio.