House of Pod is a podcasting coworking space, production company, and education center in the heart of Denver, CO.

  • We lower barriers to producing good work. 
  • We build strong communities around great stories.
  • And we assist individuals and organizations in amplifying their own voices by producing and learning from digital media, starting with podcasts.

How we're doing it...

  • We offer affordable memberships and drop-ins to our podcasting coworking space, and one-on-one customized crash-courses in podcasting.
  • We hold free Wednesday evening  meetups to discuss favorite shows, workshop audio pieces, and explore the world of sound.
  • We provide non-profit educational programming to underrepresented communities, including scholarships and a radio residency.
  • We produce and collaborate on shows and projects with local partners in-house, as well as cover stories nationwide that make us tick.

We're out to build an ecosystem for local communities to produce great audio stories. And we want you to be apart of it.